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QR Codes May Soon Be Replaced by Shortcut


The now ubiquitous QR code may not be long for this world. The mobile-scannable codes have been useful for embedding interactivity into offline media and marketing (including print ads, billboards, street signage and in-store displays). Now, Swiss startup Kooaba has introduced an app, Shortcut, that eliminates the need for a space-consuming QR code or to download a host of different QR "readers." Users tap the app, snap a picture of an ad and go directly to a product website, or of a magazine or newspaper to see the online version. The app employs the same image recognition technology as used in augmented reality (AR). Additional features allow sharing and discussion almost instantly via social media and email. Print ad-swiping is currently available only in Switzerland, but many global media properties are already signed up, as are a growing number of U.S. newspapers.



The Value of Video

by Ken Gatto


A recent article in Website magazine noted that 1/3 of the business they surveyed indicated that they produce (on average) 1 new video per week for publication.The companies budgeting more than $500,000 a year for on line video is rising at a rate of 20%. Publishing video to YouTube is becoming a trend more oriented for smaller companies than larger ones. YouTube's platform allows for competitors to advertise on competitive YouTube channels. Not a good strategy for larger companies. Less of a problem for smaller local/regional companies. Having video on an e-commerce site increases the conversion to sale average by over 45%.


Most popular styles of video:


  • Product demonstration
  • How to video
  • Customer testimonials
  • Full tours--showrooms, display areas, smaller product lines, fulfillment operations.
  • Web TV programming is increasing at a rate of 22%. Most of the web tv programming is captive---residing on a corporate website vs. youtube.
  • WebTV is growing in its ability to increase brand awareness --but also sales conversion and online sales.


Also keep in mind that video is a great way to dramatically increase Time on Site statistics for a site. Clients who are not utilizing video are making their sites less useful. Even sites that are not of a high end design/content caliber can benefit from video that gives prospects and visitors a more in-depth or expanded view of their products/services.


Video can be done inexpensively--with a sales conversion increase of 45%, a company with online sales of, say, $200,000 could potentially increase that to $290,000 by adding video. Even a 25% increase would yield $50,000 in increased sales. Yet the investment might only require an $8-9,000 or less. Please contact us if you are considering adding video to your marketing communications mix.

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